Biz Secure


Important note: These frequently asked questions are meant to be a quick guide only. They do not replace the program’s terms and conditions, which take precedence in all situations.

What security improvements does the program cover?

The purpose of the Biz Secure program is to help eligible recipients improve the safety and security of their premises against break-ins. Works must be consistent with the program’s objective and in line with the recommendations made in the security audit report. The department will in its absolute discretion ascertain and decide whether works recommended by the auditor are compliant under the program’s objective.

What security improvement works are not eligible under the program?

The Biz Secure program will not provide funding towards works that are not:

  • standard improvement works (see below)
  • recommended in the security audit report
  • in line with the program’s objective, regardless if they are recommended by the auditor.

Security improvement works must assist in improving the safety and security of premises against break-ins. If you wish to carry out ineligible works, you will have to pay for these yourself.

How will the process work?

Apply for a grant by completing the online application form.

Once your eligibility has been confirmed, a voucher will be issued to you to either carry out standard improvement works or a security audit.

For works that require a security audit, once you have received the audit report, you will need to get quotes for the works based on the report’s recommendations and in line with the program’s objective and apply for the security improvement works after requesting your application be re-opened.

After the proposed works have been approved you will be issued one or more vouchers and can notify your supplier/provider that works can start.

You do not need a security audit for your premises if you are applying for one of the standard improvement works.

When the works are completed, you must pay the supplier using the voucher as part payment as well as your own funds. The supplier/provider business then redeems the voucher from the Northern Territory (NT) Government.

What are standard improvement works?

The following works are standard improvement works and do not require a security audit:

  • access door repairs
  • access door replacement with heavy-duty, secure alternatives
  • lock works and hardware
  • security screens
  • window replacement with more secure alternatives
  • glass replacement with secure alternatives
  • lockable fencing.

Where will I get the voucher from?

We will email the vouchers to you. Each voucher will have a unique serial number that is linked to a specific business premises and specific quote.

One voucher will be issued for the mandatory security audit and one or more vouchers will be issued for the works.

Vouchers contains the details of the eligible recipient and the nominated business carrying out the audit and/or the approved works.

How much are the vouchers worth?

The mandatory security audit voucher for an individual business applicant is worth $2,000 for individual businesses and between $4,000 and $7,000 for a cluster of businesses. You will not be required to contribute payment towards the security audit.

The security improvement works grant is on a dollar-for-dollar co-contribution basis and worth up to $13,000 for individual businesses and up to between $16,000 and $43,000 for a cluster of businesses.

For standard improvement works, the voucher is worth up to $15,000 on a 25:75 co-contribution (business:government).

What is a cluster business and an individual business?

Both cluster and individual businesses must be eligible recipients as defined in the terms and conditions.

Cluster business means a group of businesses which all operate from the same premises (or if more than one premises, then all premises are in the immediate vicinity of each other) and the group contains at least two eligible recipients.

All premises within the cluster business must have one owner or be managed by one body corporate.

An eligible recipient must have at least one external publicly accessible entry/exit point (in other words, not accessible from inside a building/complex, shopping centre only).

Are not-for-profit organisations eligible to apply?

Since 1 July 2018, not-for-profit organisations are able to apply to Biz Secure. Not-for-profit organisations must be in compliance with their legal obligations under the relevant legislation before they can be approved for an audit (for example, annual and financial reports lodgement).

While not-for-profit organisations do not have to contribute to the cost of a security audit, their ability to receive grant funding towards security improvement works may be reduced if they are able to access other not-for-profit-specific funding sources (for example, Community Benefit Fund).

Note: local government councils, schools and educational institutions are not eligible to apply.

What is a security audit and how does it work?

For eligible works that are not standard improvement works, it is a mandatory precondition that a security audit be carried out at the premises.

After you have applied to Biz Secure and your application has been approved, you will be issued a voucher for the mandatory audit of your premises’ security needs.

All registered security auditors have been trained to carry out audits specific to Biz Secure. Audits are based on the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and require that auditors attend the premises on a number of occasions and at different times.

Once this independent audit is completed, an audit report on an approved template is provided to the eligible recipient and the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade. Security improvement works must be consistent both with the recommendations contained in the audit report and the program’s objective.

I am a home-based business, am I eligible to apply?

No, home-based businesses or businesses operating from residential premises cannot apply.

I have a shop within Casuarina Square, am I eligible to apply?

No, businesses located within large shopping centres such as Casuarina Square and Gateway Shopping Centre are not eligible to apply.

My premises are located in a shopping complex, will I be eligible to apply?

Yes, if your business operates from a shopping complex, has an external shopfront or at least one external publicly accessible entry/exit point, and as long as the complex is not a large shopping centre (for example, Casuarina Square), you can apply either as an individual or as part of a cluster business.

The department will in its absolute discretion ascertain and decide whether a business is eligible under this program.

I have multiple business premises, can I apply for all of them?

Eligible applicants with fewer than 100 people engaged in the business/organisation can apply for up to three different premises under Biz Secure.

How many vouchers can I receive?

Up to a maximum of four vouchers will be issued per individual business and up to a maximum of five vouchers will be issued per cluster business for eligible security works. In both cases, an additional voucher will be provided for the mandatory security audit.

You do not have to apply for all eligible works at the same time.

Is an audit required to be conducted on my business premises?

For eligible works that are not standard improvement works, it is a mandatory precondition that a security audit be carried out at the premises.

The security audit must be conducted by a Biz Secure registered security audit contractor. The security audit contractor will be nominated by the Biz Secure team once an application has been approved.

I lease the premises I operate from, am I eligible?

Yes, you must provide the department with a copy of your ongoing lease agreement and written permission from the landlord to conduct security improvement works to your premises.

Can I exchange the voucher for cash?

No, you cannot exchange the voucher for cash.

What is the expected turnaround time to get my work done?

Audit vouchers are only valid for one month, so it is recommended that you contact the auditor as soon as your application has been approved to arrange a time to audit your premises.

Vouchers for works are only valid for three months, so it will be important to consider what work is achievable within that time. You will need to agree on a timeframe with your preferred suppliers and it should be included on your quotes.

Work must not start on your premises until you have received an approved voucher. Please allow approximately two to three weeks for your voucher to be approved and another two to three weeks for the audit to be completed.

Can I use a family member’s business to do the work on my premises?

No, there are specific prohibitions against using a family member’s or relative’s business either directly or as a subcontractor. For further details please read the full terms and conditions.

What if my business gets broken into again after Biz Secure improvement works have been completed?

Neither the NT Government nor the security auditor can be held liable for any such events.

By making an application for a grant, you declare and warrant that you fully release and indemnify the department against any loss or damage you may suffer of any nature whatsoever (including without limitation personal injury or death) whether in relation to the goods and materials supplied and/or conduct of any contract (or lack thereof).

By applying to participate in the program, you further indemnify the security auditor against any loss or damage you may suffer of any nature whatsoever (including without limitation personal injury or death) caused or contributed to by participation in the program, security breaches following on from a security audit and subsequent eligible works and the conduct of any works or otherwise.

Can I get reimbursed for works I have already done?

No. Works must not start on your premises until you have received an approved voucher. Please allow approximately two to three weeks for your security audit or standard improvement works voucher to be approved, and if an audit is required, another two to three weeks for the audit to be completed.

Who do I talk to if there is a problem with the works?

The department is not responsible for resolving any disputes between participants in the program.

For disputes relating to building and construction works quoted/planned and/or conducted by the business at the premises, participants can go to building complaints and disputes and choose the appropriate page and information links.

Consumer Affairs can be contacted on 1800 019 319 or go to the Consumer Affairs website.

For disputes and complaints relating to applications for registration as an eligible business, applications for a voucher and/or voucher redemption, the eligible business, security audit contractor or eligible recipient can contact the department.

How can I be assured of quality?

The NT Government does not endorse businesses that are registered to participate in the program. You should carefully consider which supplier/service business you choose, just as you would at any other time. It is recommended that you get three quotes to ensure you are getting the best value for money. The NT Government is not responsible for the quality of the work.

How do I find out more about the program and how to apply?

Once you have viewed this website and read the terms and conditions, you are welcome to contact us. If we cannot assist you on the phone, one of our small business champions will be in touch to answer your questions and help you through the application process.