Biz Secure


The Biz Secure Program provides support for Territory businesses to enhance the security of their premises against the risk of break-ins, using Territory enterprises to do the work.

Eligible individual Territory businesses can access up to $15,000 to make a range of permanent security improvements to their premises.

Eligible clusters of businesses, such as small shopping complexes can also apply for up to $50,000.

Eligible works

If you are approved for eligible works, a voucher will be issued to you to either carry out ‘standard improvement works’ (see below) or a security audit.

The cost of the security audit is covered by the program (up to $2,000 for individual businesses and up to $7,000 for a cluster of businesses).

Once the security audit has been completed, you will be able to seek quotes from a registered security supplier and apply for a voucher to carry out the work.

The co-contribution eligible works with a security audit for individual businesses and cluster applications is 50:50.

Standard improvement works

To enable businesses to carry out physical security improvement jobs more quickly, there is now a list of pre-approved standard improvements that can be funded without the need for a security audit.

If you are eligible, the following standard improvement works do not require a security audit:

  • access door repairs
  • access door replacement with heavy-duty, secure alternatives
  • lock works and hardware
  • security screens
  • window replacement with more secure alternatives
  • glass replacement with secure alternatives
  • lockable fencing.

If you are only intending to carry out standard improvement works, seek a quote from a registered security supplier and apply for a voucher to carry out the works.

The co-contribution for standard improvement works for individual businesses and cluster applications is 25:75 (business:government).


Suppliers interested in registering to carry out the security works through the Biz Secure program can apply online - apply to register as a security supplier now.

For further details please see the program terms and conditions.