Biz Secure


You can register now as a supplier of security goods and services through the Biz Secure program.

A business will be able to select their preferred supplier from the list of registered security supplier.

To be registered as a supplier you need to be a Territory enterprise. If you are also registered as a security audit contractor, you cannot do both an audit and security improvement works on the same business.

In order to participate in the program, your business must be a Territory enterprise that:

  • is a legal entity (a natural person or an incorporated entity), with or without a registered business name, and
  • holds a valid Australian Business Number issued at least six months prior to participating in the program, and
  • was providing its safety and security installation services wholly or substantially in the Northern Territory for at least six months prior to participating in the program, and
  • has and will maintain during the course of the program all relevant business, occupation and related permits, licences and insurance coverage required to undertake work in connection with the program, including valid public liability insurance policy with minimum $10 million cover, and
  • has been approved by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade (DITT) to be part of the program; approval is dependent upon satisfactory results of due diligence that DITT may conduct (in its absolute discretion), and
  • is ordinarily engaged in the business(es) of the sale and service of safety or security fixtures and the supply and erection of fixed improvements to land, and
  • will be the head contractor in respect of any contract the subject of an application for a voucher.

For further details please see the program terms and conditions.

Redeem your vouchers

Follow these steps to redeem your vouchers:

  1. Go to Redeem your vouchers.
  2. Enter your username and password, which you originally created when you applied to register your business.
  3. Select the My Submissions link at the top of page (next to the Log Out link).
  4. Select the Business Voucher Redemption Form.
  5. Fill out the form with relevant details.
  6. Attach required documents.
  7. If redeeming multiple vouchers, click on Add More after you have entered the details and attachments for each voucher.
  8. Once the form has been completed, select Submit.
  9. You will receive an automatic email confirming that the form has been submitted.
  10. You will be paid within 20 days after your submission has been received.

Important: You cannot redeem vouchers unless you have a Northern Territory Government vendor ID. To obtain one, go to InvoiceNTG and select Register my business. Please note that it may take up to three business days to have a vendor ID issued.

If you need help with the redemption process please contact us, quoting your application number (SSP/…).